#MODIfiedForeignPolicy – A look at NaMo’s Foreign Policy Triumphs


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During to his visit to the US, Modi has succeeded in replacing the #udtamodi tag with #MODIfiedForeignPolicy. There was huge scepticism about Modi’s ability to carry out a successful foreign policy due his inexperience when he assumed power. But he has made a remarkable impact in the last two years with a blazing overseas tour record and several bilateral agreements. He has reinvented India’s image abroad and  is making it a major player in global issues.

He is being lauded right now for his success on three fronts –

  1. Getting the POTUS support for India’s candidature for membership in the elite Nuclear Suppliers Group(NSG)
  2.  Getting the clearance from  the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), the key anti proliferation group,  for membership.
  3.  US returning 200 cultural artefacts to India.

Modi’s vibrancy and activism on International stage is paying off rich dividends now. Here is a look back at his foreign policy triumphs since he assumed power in 2014 –

  • The swearing in – ‘Neighbourhood First’ is the central idea of Modi’s foreign policy. Keeping this in mind he invited the SAARC leaders , including Pakistan to his swearing in creating a solid foundation for improved ties.
  • Bangladesh land Boundary Agreement – Modi got this agreement, pending for 40 years ratified in both houses of the parliament.
  • Nuclear Ties – Modi successfully entered into Civilian Nuclear cooperation agreement with Japan and Australia.
  • WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement – Modi vetoed the trade facilitation agreement at Geneva because it had a clause prohibiting food stockpiling by the developing nations. In the end US had to respect the necessity of food security in developing countries and support the elimination of  this clause.
  • Africa Summit – Modi hosted the historical Africa summit of 41 countries.
  • World Yoga Day – The UN declared June 21 as world Yoga day, thus introducing the Indian heritage and culture to the world.
  • Act East policy – Modi’s foreign policy led with focus on the east Asian countries and achieved strategic partnerships with vietnam and japan in particular.
  • The Rescue Operations – Modi’s foreign policy team showed extreme dynamism is mounting rescue operations for the Indian citizens stranded in conflict zones of Yemen, iraq and Libya.
  • FDI and Trade Agreements – Modi has signed several bilateral agreements for infrastructure and financial initiatives. He has aggressively promoted and garnered support for his pet project “Make in India” by investors from several countries.
  • Bringing the cultural heritage back – Brought back the artefacts reflecting our cultural heritage from Germany, Canada, Australia and the US.

Here is hoping that this triumphant note continues and India  achieves the long term dream of becoming the permanent member of UN Security Council.