11 Brands We Always Thought Were Actual Products

Imagine you are at a photocopy shop and asking for something to be Xeroxed and suddenly a man walks up to you and told you that it’s not a Xerox machine it’s a photocopy machine, then your expression at that very point of time must be priceless. Now, this is what happens when you get confused between brands and products, actually Xerox is a brand and photocopy machine is a product just like car is a product, Maruti is a brand and Samsung is a brand while T.V is a product. All of us know this, but still we get confused because of the popularity that the brand has garnered. Here are 11 such brands whose popularity has taken over the product name.


  1. Brand – Xerox

    Product – Photocopy Machine


    Image Source : Cimg



  2. Brand – Velcro

    Product – Hoop and Loop Fastener


    Image Source : Catalonia



  3. Brand – Band-Aid

    Product – Adhesive Bandage

    band aid

    Image Source : Band-aid



  4. Brand – Bubble Wrap

    Product – Inflated Cushioning

    bubble wrap

    Image Source : I.kinja-img



  5. Brand – Jacuzzi

    Product –Hot Tub


    Image Source : En.jacuzzi



  6. Brand – Chapstick

    Product –Lip Balm


    Image Source : Wpengine



  7. Brand – Ping Pong

    Product –Table Tennis

    ping pong

    Image Source : Pbs.twimg



  8. Brand – Memory Stick

    Product –Flash Memory Storage Device

    memory stick

    Image Source : Ecx.images-amazon



  9. Brand – Escalator

    Product –Moving Staircase


    Image Source : Thedentonlawfirm



  10. Brand – Thermos

    Product –Vacuum Flasks


    Image Source : House



  11. Brand – Frisbee

    Product –Flying Disks


    Image Source : Tafadycursos



    Don’t Get Confused Next Time…