Oops! Why So? Why No One Took Selfies With PM Narendra Modi At The US Capitol

Everyone knows how enthusiast our PM Narendra Modi is when it comes to selfies. He wants to be clicked every time he is on a roll. On foreign trips he never say ‘No’ to anyone when it comes to having a selfie with him. But what happens this time that no one took selfies with him instead of him staying for good four hours at US Capitol. Is there any declination in his popularity?

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No, it doesn’t have to do anything with the popularity rather it was the protocol that didn’t allow anyone to have a selfie with him. US lawmakers and staff aides had been told that when they meet PM Modi on his Washington trip, they should not take any selfies. The advice was issued by House protocol expert Elizabeth Heng.

“First and foremost – No Selfies!! Taking selfies with a visiting Head of State is incredibly inappropriate and tactless,” Elizabeth Heng, protocol aide in the House Foreign Affairs Committee said in her message.

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“Make sure your boss doesn’t do this,” she added. And as reported by the Associative Press Ms. Heng also sent out another helpful tip – “As a general practice, do not attempt to shake a head of state’s hand unless they extend their hand first.”

The PM’s Capitol visit included a speech to a joint meeting of the US Congress. Apart from it, he attended four back to back meetings at the hill.

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PM Narendra Modi himself broke the protocol. As he left the Capitol Hill, he reaches out to the members of the Indian community waiting outside, shaking hands with many of them.

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No one can stop him!! He is so popular in every part of the world…