An Elderly Man Passes Away At The Age Of 65 While Watching Horror Flick ‘The Conjuring 2’

In a freaky incident, a 65-year-old man died on Thursday night while watching horror movie, The Conjuring 2 in a cinema theatre in Tiruvannamalai Town. The movie is said to be based on real life incidents and believed to be not as scary as compared to part 1.
The duo had gone to Sri Balasubramaniar Cinemas to watch the horror movie, the TOI reported. It was during the climax when the elderly man suffered a chest pain and fainted.

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He was later taken to the Old Government Hospital but he was declared “dead on arrival”. Paramedics asked the other man to take the 65-year-old’s body to Tiruvannamalai Government Medical College Hospital for postmortem.

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However, neither the man nor the body of the deceased could be found. Meanwhile, the police are trying to get their identity. As per the reports, the other man with the deceased hired an auto rickshaw and took the body to the place where the duo were staying. The police is still clueless about their identities.