Amazon In Trouble For Selling Doormats With Religious Figures On It, BoycottAmazon Trends

Online retail giant Amazon found itself in trouble on Saturday night after it was discovered that the website had doormats with Hindu gods and goddesses on them for sale.


Image Source :Cdn.bgr


As soon as the news broke out, it created a massive outrage among the citizens of the nation who took to social media to express their outrage and calling out for a ban on the US retail giant.

#BoycottAmazon became the trend of the day with many calling a ban on the Amazon.


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The door mats are being sold on the US edition portal of the company and the things got even worse when it was discovered that doormats with other holy figures like Jesus and Islamic-themed are also on sale.

Amazon, a platform on which various retailers sell their products, is not directly responsible for selling products like these since they belong to individual retailers.

Meanwhile, Amazon has taken down the products following the uproar but not before it triggered the social media fiasco.