Namma beautiful Bengaluru no more beautiful???

Bengaluru, the garden city of India is the capital of South Indian state, Karnataka. Also known as silicon valley of India, it has one of the most beautiful scenic spots in and around the city for trekking and sight seeing.

Bengaluru is renowned for progress of IT and cosmopolitan culture. With so many good things about Bengaluru, one should notice how the city has changed over the years recently. Power cuts, global warming, traffic, bad roads, air pollution due to ongoing estate projects,  what not!!!

  1. Bad roads


  2. Garbage everywhere!


  3. Myriad of construction projects


  4. Traffic problems


  5. Power cut and water scarcity


    It’s rightly said that you need to be the change that you wish to see in the world. It’s a request to all the Bengalureans to pay attention to these problems and contribute in making the change before the problems become huge enough to be tackled. Please do not honk the horns, do not spill the garbage on roads, keep your city clean and stay healthy!