7 Kickass Reasons To Shift To Pune And Become A Punekar

Pune is surely one of the most comfortable city to live in. It’s not that big like Mumbai but provides a pleasant reprise from the hustle bustle of Mumbai. It has got everything in its gateway, from pleasant weather to some breathtakingly striking beauties of nature, which are btw picture perfect for a landscape. It is one of the most desirable cities to live in the country and if not then here are some amazing reasons that will trigger you to shift to this kickass city.

  1. Weather

    #pune weather

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    Pune’s perfect weather will give you perfect peace of mind. It remains pleasant throughout the year, free from those sudden changes in weather.

  2. The Food

    #pune food

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    There are more than 4,000 restaurants in Pune. It provides a sheer variety of food to Punekars, which is just mind blowing and the multiple tastes will surely keep your mind occupied.

  3. The Nightlife

    #pune nightlife

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    The city’s vibrant nightlife is awesome in many ways. You got to see many big stars and comedians performing at those nightspots over the weekend.

  4. Natural Beauties

    #pune natural beauty

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    Pune offers plenty of places to look out for. For road trips and vacations there are Lavasa, Sinhagad, Mulshi Lake and many more. These places are just so beautiful that you might feel like going on vacation without any holidays.

  5. Educational Hub

    #pune education hub

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    The city has more than 9 deemed universities. There are over 400 colleges that are affiliated to the Pune University. Every year, over fifteen thousand students move to Pune for a college. In fact, the university is the second largest university in India.

  6. IT Hub

    #pune it hub

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    Pune has got more than 100 MNCS in its territory and most of which have some scenic IT park in the country. It provides a great working environment and every year more and more number of companies are being setup here.

  7. Safe

    #pune safe city

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    It’s one of the safest city of India. It has offered freedom to the women long before any other cities in India and not only girl’s enjoy safety during daytime but also have an aura of protection during nights also.

    Why we have just one Pune in India?? Literally why they can’t create such an environment for other cities too…