Do Whatever You Want To Do Man, But Don’t Take Pangaa With Salman Khan

It’s done – Arijit Singh’s song will NOT be a part of Sultan. Bhaijaan is in no mood to forgive the singer despite his desperate attempts at social media seeking Salman’s apology publicly. Salman did read his apology note on Facebook, but bhaijaan is bhaijaan, he didn’t feel any sympathy towards him and the particular song sung by the actor has been removed from the movie.

arijit singh

Image Source : Ohmyindia


According to Bollywood Life, Salman, along with the makers of Sultan, have collectively made the decision.

The emotional track which has been sung by the singer still exists in the film and you know who has sung this version? Any guesses!! It’s our very own Salman Khan and bhaijaan was seen crying on the sets of Sultaan after listening the lyrics of this song. The actor got enough praise for singing his last track “Main Hoon Hero Tera”, and he’s apparently already recorded the Sultan song.

salman khan

Image Source : Hindustantimes


The entire controversy isn’t new to both of them. It all began three years back during an awards show when Arijit insulted Salman on stage. Ever since, he has been making constant attempts to resolve the issue with the actor. But, we hear, Bhai isn’t ready to patch up. And as we know about Salman ka Commitment. Let’s see what all this controversy has in its store for us because taking panga with Bhai is the worst thing you can do in Bollywood! And Vivek Oberoi is best example of this.

Anyway, here is the video from the award night.