Ancient Universities of India – A fascinating insight

Ancient Universities of India

source nrievents

India has been the spiritual leader for the rest of the world throughout the times. Scholars and common man alike, people from all over the world have always held India in high regard. They have sought answers for their deepest and  complex issues from Indian philosophy. Several rituals and practices that Indians carried over for generations have often found to be rooted in strong scientific ideas. So, it is not a surprise that the country which gave ‘zero’ to the world , should also have the richest history of education. There is ample archeological and literary proof that India had advanced institutions of education as early as 700 BC.

Takshila, Nalanda  were the ancient universities of India. By reading the accounts of the foreign travellers like  Chinese scholar Xuanzang  & Hiuen Tsang and analysing the archeological evidence many interesting facts have been revealed about these institutions.