5 Interesting Facts About Kohinoor

Kohinoor – the Mountain of Lights is one the most precious gems set in the fron of Queen Mother’s Crown in London. The long-running dispute over the ownership of the diamond is again in highlights after one of the India’s top lawyers claimed that the diamond wasn’t stolen by the Britishers, rather was gifted to East India Company by the former rulers of Punjab in 1849.

India has been fighting to get back the diamond since 1947. On 18th April, 2016, the GOI has stated that India should not try to claim the diamond as it wasn’t taken forcibly by Britain.

  1. Once the largest known diamonds, Kohinoor was 793 carats when uncut and is now a 105.6 metrics carat diamond in its most recent state.

    Image source: telegraph.co.uk


  2. Kohinoor was first found in mines of Golconda near Guntur in Andhra Pradesh

    Image source: outlookindia.com


  3. According to a hindu text, the diamond is apparently cursed and brings bad luck to any man wearing it.
    Image source: timesofindia.com

    Image source: timesofindia.com


  4. Pakistan and Afghanistan governments have also tried to claim the ownership of Kohinoor.Image source: telegraph.co.uk
  5. ‘Kohinoor’, meaning mountain of lights, the name was first used by Nader Shah who took possession of the diamond in 1739.

    Image source: wikipedia.org

    Image source: wikipedia.org