What’s Your Opinion About These Flicks That Are Way Scarier Than ‘The Conjuring 2’

It require too much of courage to sit through a 2 hour lengthy horror movie with anything happening anytime on the screen. Watching such scary movies alone at night is one hell of a herculean task, as after watching them you might not go to bathroom even if it’s urgent. The weirdest thing that these horror flick make you believe is as if someone is with you and make you feel vulnerable to them. Recently, the sequel of one of the most infamous movie ‘The Conjuring’ released and literally the second installment ‘The Conjuring 2’ is not at all that impressive.

Since people are getting scared from the movie so we decided to bring up a list of movies that are way scary and will make you think twice before watching these flicks and getting those goosebumps throughout. If you think you can prove us wrong than take the test of watching these flicks.

Disclaimer: Please don’t read any further if you are a weak-hearted person as for anything that goes by you will be the one responsible for it.


  1. Zanjeer (2013)


    Image Source :Koimoi

    The movie that made ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ a star was remade in 2013 and with ‘Ram Charan Teja’ as a hero. The lack of plot, acting, music and direction made it a sheer torture to handle.

  1. RGV Ki Aag

    #ram gopal varma ki aag

    Image Source :Thew14

    Currently the time is not good for RGV and it all started with this movie when people were unable to bear the pain that movie gave for long 2 hours. Btw it was a remake of ‘Sholay’. 2 mins silence for ‘Aag’.

  2. Shaandaar


    Image Source :Koimoi

    Biggest torture to handle from two prominent actors of Bollywood. It was so horrifying that it gave goosebumps to many who went in to watch the flick.

  3. Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon

    #kis kisko pyaar karoon

    Image Source :Ndtvimg

    The much awaited debut of the ‘Kapil Sharma’ was so scary that it had all the potential to make you gouge your own eyes out.

  4. Hero


    Image Source :Moviefreak24

    Even the Salman’s auto tuned ‘Main Hoo Hero Tera’ wasn’t enough to save us from the purgatory.

  5. Joker


    Image Source :Ytimg

    What happens when you over try doing something? A movie like joker is made which instead of being funny was tantalizing the audience.

  6. Himmatwala


    Image Source :Blogspot

    You certainly need some ‘Himmat’ to bear the sufferings and pain this movie will give you. It was difficult to choose between this and Aag for the worst movie and this movie beats Aag by quite a margin.


We dare you to watch these flicks!!!