7 Weird Things That Indians Can’t Resist On a Foreign Trip

1.Theplas, khakras and dhoklas becoming the ritual when travelling overseas.


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Taking food with them to the air plane is becoming the ritual of Indians..They bring home-made food which they like with them as it will not be served to them on the air plane. The mentality of Indians mom’s is also that take home-made achhar, theplas,dhoklas the air plane food will not be hygienic 🙂


2.Asking for nimbu and mirchi in the flight, getting the spicy taste of Indian food .


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We love spicy food and the food we are served in the airplane is mild tasting. So asking for nimbu and mirchi while travelling is quite common for the Indians. Without the spices Indian food is not complete and they also continue this tradition while travelling 🙂


3.Grabbing free samples from every mall and passing them as gifts back home happens all the time.


Image Source:http://www.wikihow.com/Buy-Gifts-and-Souvenirs-for-Others-When-Traveling-Abroad#/Image:Buy-Gifts-and-Souvenirs-for-Others-When-Traveling-Abroad-Step-5.jpg


As it is necessary if you are travelling abroad to bring gifts for those who are left behind in Indian. Indians grab the free samples from the malls and gift it to their relatives who get immense pleased with that hahaha J who doesn’t love a foreign gift 🙂


4. Indians ability to cut queue, break rules and stand out of the crowd to seek attention is irresistible.

breaking-rules-isn't-exciting :)

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We are always in a hurry. We don’t want to be the part of the queues in fact we want to stand out from the crowd just to get the fair attention and steal the perfect view of everything.


5.You will find Indians bargaining for extra discount as they do back home at every shop, in every country/continent.


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Bargaining at shop is in our blood. We are born with the strong ability of bargaining for more discounts. We carry this attitude to the others countries . Also we want the best material available their at the lowest price that we can force or convince them to sell the product on.


6. We Indians love to talk in a weird fake accent when travelling abroad.


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We are so heartful that where ever we go in the world we inherit their accent.We love to talk in the same accent like them so that we can be considered one of them seriously why try fitting in be what you are man. Love your accent be unique!Be awesome!


7.Indian men stare at the bikini-clad women like they have spent all the money to just see her J


Image Source:       http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/4425/101255713/stock-photo-group-of-eleven-handsome-guys-on-the-beach-looking-at-a-beautiful-girl-in-bikini-101255713.jpg


While on the beach in foreign Indians can’t resist their selves. Staring at a women in bikini is quite common they act like they have seen a women for the first time in their life span. In fact for some of us this is the dream and a major reason we want a foreign trip 🙂