5 Strange Things For Which Indians Try To Celebrate

We Indians don’t need any particular reason to celebrate. Indians try to find out certain reasons to party which might be silly for others. Recently, a builder threw a big bash in Mumbai to celebrate his son’s first shaving ceremony. This is not the only reason for which Indian’s celebrate, there are many more. Don’t believe us? Check this out


  1. A Bhaijaan’s movie

    It’s Eid in the country during the release of Salman bhai’s movie and people celebrate it like Eid.


  2. A Rajinikanth’s movie

    The god of southern industry. His movies are always celebrated as if it’s a big festival in the country.


  3. The first shaving ceremony

    Isn’t it special when you shave for the first time? Yep, it’s a reason to celebrate!!


  4. A pet’s wedding or birthday

    It is special for many of us and we too invite our neighbors and pet’s friend to share the special moment.


  5. When your amreeka visa gets approved

    It might be a reason to show off for many of us.



    Is one of it yours too…