‘Udta Punjab’ Censor Row: 89 Cuts Demanded By Censor Chief, Makers Seeking Court’s Help

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#UdtaPunjab is slowly transforming into #CuttaPunjab. The news coming now is that Mr. Pahlaj Nihalani, censor chief has ordered for 89 cuts in the film.

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On Wednesday top filmmakers attended a press conference to say they stand with producer Anurag Kashyap’s Udta Punjab and raise their voice for freedom of speech attacking Censor chief.

“I demand on behalf of the entire industry… that the ministry should remove Pahlaj Nihalani” – Mukesh Bhatt, head of the Film and Television Producers Guild of India.

As Mr. Nihalani countered allegations of dictatorial behavior, he said about the filmmaker, “I have heard he has taken money from AAP.”

Hitting back at censor chief Mr. Kashyap said, “Nihalani should prove I have taken money. He doesn’t even know how to lie.” who now have filed a petition in Bombay High Court.

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The Court heard the plea on Thursday and asked Censor Board that when they can give permission to the makers of ‘Go Goa Gone’ for showing the use of drugs in the state, why not to the makers of ‘Udta Punjab’? Responding to which the advocate of the board tries to justify the decision of the Revision Committee. However, The Court has adjourned the next hearing till Friday.

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On Friday, the Court continued from where it left on Thursday and came down heavily on CBFC for the cuts in the film and observed that the board’s job is to certify films not to censor them. The Court asked CBFC that if the movie glorifies drugs, then why they are not banning the whole movie. The Court also told CBFC that whether its cinema or TV, the board should leave it to the people to decide whether the film is defaming a state or not.

However, the board tries to justify itself but all its effort goes in vain. And as of now the arguments in the case have concluded and the order will be passed on June 13, 2016.


Here is a list of some of the 89 cuts demanded by Censor Board, makers have agreed to the 9 point and rest is on Court’s order.

  1. Delete sign board of Punjab in the beginning.
  2. Delete Punjab, Jalandhar, Chandigarh and any such references to the state from background and dialogues.
  3. From song no. 1 delete Chitta and H*r**I words.
  4. Remove the word c**k from the entire song no. 2.
  5. Delete any sort of abusive word used from the movie.
  6. Delete words MP, Election, MLA, Punjab and Parliament.
  7. From song no. 3 delete the visuals of scratching/itching side portion of Sardar.
  8. Delete the close up shots of injecting drugs.
  9. Delete the scene of Tommy urinating in front of crowd.
  10. Delete the name of dog as ‘Jacky Chain’.