Omg!! There Is a New Twist in Salman-Arijit Controversy

The fight between Salman Khan and Arijit Singh is not going to stop soon as Bhaijaan is no mood to forgive Arijit. Salman in a recent interview has added fuel to it by asking ‘Who is Arijit’.

arijit salman

Image Source : Intoday


On the question of why Arijit’s song was removed from ‘Sultan’. The Superstar was quick to respond, he replied, ‘Who is Arijit? I don’t know. Is he a singer?’ He also added “Singers are being replaced in many films. People come to sing, they sing and leave. It’s on producer and directors whom they like? Once my voice was rejected too. So no one should be upset about it.”

“His smart comments and posts clearly reflects his motive behind all this” – Salman on Arijit’s apology letter (the one singer posted on Facebook)

arijit singh

Image Source : Ohmyindia


This controversy came in picture when Arijit publicly apologizes to Salman and asked him not to remove his song from ‘Sultan’. Let’s see whether Salman will forgive him or not. Only time will tell.