Mohenjodaro – Motion Poster released

Ashutosh Gowarikar has released the motion poster of his magnum opus Mohenjo Daro. The video begins with various historical references like Alexander, Buddha, Christ, Mughals etc, conveying how ancient Mohenjo  Daro civilization was. It ends with the picture of coin with a  animal motif of 6 heads. The coin also has some writing on top presumably in the script from the era.

This Hrithik starrer is hyped to be a period drama based on the Mohenjodaro civilization of 1900 BC. Ashutosh is famed for his extensive research and attention to detail. Hrithik is known for his superhuman dedication to getting under the skin of the character. Movie buffs couldn’t have asked for a better combo to bring the story of this awe inspiring civilization onto the silver screen.

While we await the movie’s release with baited breath let us get acquainted with Mohenjo-Daro.


Mohenjo Daro

Image Source :Wikipedia

The civilization of Mohenjo daro  is located in the Indus Valley – now in Pakistan and has been declared a world heritage site. One who visits the ruins of this ancient city is dumbstruck by the level of sophistication and technological advancement.    Here are some amazing facts discovered by studying the ruins and artefacts recovered in the archaeological site –

  1. Mohenjo daro translates into ‘Mound of the dead’. The city had been built on a raised platform on top of the mounds. The city had a population of 35.000.
  2. The city was a well-planned metropolis with houses built along the grid. The houses themselves are solid structures built with kiln fired bricks of uniform sizes. The houses had interconnecting rooms, courtyards and bathrooms.


    Image Source :Travellinos

  3. Mohenjo Daro had no kings/ rulers. It was a city state governed by elected officials.
  4. The city had sophisticated water supply system from 700 wells. It has the sewage system with manhole covers.
  5. Mohenjo daro had a gigantic public bath house with steam bath and hot air system.
  6. The people of Mohenjo daro were cultivators – they grew wheat, barley, peas and lentils. They also raised animals like, camel, sheep, pigs, goats , buffaloes, chicken  They had pets like cats and dogs.
  7. Several tools of copper and bronze have been discovered, proving the prevalence of Bronze Age.
  8. There was mass production of pottery with designs and carvings.
  9. They used arithmetic with decimals and had a sophisticated system of weights.
  10. They had a well-developed language based on grammar.
  11. They had even built a dam across the Indus river. It is widely speculated theta the civilization was wiped out from the floods because of this dam.
  12. Several sculptures, jewels and artefacts have been recovered reflecting their focus on culture and arts.
Mohenjo daro

Image Source :Mail Online


It will be very exciting to see how Ashutosh Gowarikar recreates this legendary city and civilization in the film.