9 Indian Superheroes Copied From Western Superheroes

Before the revolution of cable TV and Video Games, one thing that was famous amongst children in India was Raj Publication’s comic book and their superheroes. However, very few of us know that our very own superheroes were being copied from their western counterparts of Marvel or DC comics. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  1. Nagraj – Spiderman


    The very first superhero, created by Raj Comics. He was copied from “Spiderman”.  He has the power of snakes in his blood cells, similar to the one “Spiderman” having in his cells (spider’s power).

  2. Parmanu – Atom

    It was copied from “Captain Atom”. He possesses the power of atoms to create atomic blasts. Though he fights against criminals, he is the one who never take law in his hands.

  3. Bhokal – He-man

    He was the “He-Man” of Raj Comics. He dresses like a warrior prince and uses an enchanted sword as his weapon.

  4. Doga – Punisher

    doga-punisherHe resembles a character similar to that of “The Punisher”. He punishes or kills those criminals who deserve a so called punishment.

  5. Inspector Steel – Robocop


    His character was inspired by “Robocop”. He is half-human half-machine who works as a police inspector and a law enforcer.

  6. Yoddha – Thor


    His character was based on “Thor”. He too was a warrior of Gods just like Thor. His weapon too was a hammer fitted with a shield and a spearhead.

  7. Fighter Toads – Ninja Turtlesfightertoads-ninjaturtles

    Inspired from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. The team consists of four members one of which is a technical expert and excel in various martial art skills.

  8. Shakti – Wonder Womanshakti-wonderwoman

    “Wonder woman” of Raj comics. She is solely concerned about the issue of woman empowerment just like wonder woman. She has a mythological background where her powers are directly an eruption of Maa-Kaali.

  9. Tiranga – Captain Americatiranga-captainamerica

    This character was solely inspired by “Captain America”. He was a true patriot. He used a shield similar to that of “Captain America” with additional gadgets equipped with it.

    The ones mentioned here are just a few characters. In fact, pretty much every superhero of Raj Comics was copied or inspired from a western superhero. However, above all, they all have entertained us and made our childhood a memorable one.