Good news for Kapil Sharma’s Fans!! ‘Pinky Bua’ No More An Integral Part Of Comedy Nights Live, might be joining The Kapil Sharma Show

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Somebody’s loss might be somebody’s gain as ‘Upasana Singh’ aka ‘Pinky Bua’ from CNWK has confirmed the news that she has quit the show ‘Comedy Nights Live’. The news might not be good for the Krushna Abhishek’s fan but Kapil’s fans must be at the top of the world after listening to this news. The show which is making headlines since its inception is again in news as nothing seems to be going right for Colors, ‘Comedy Nights Live’ (CNL). Here’s what happened till date.

  1. Show’s habit of being in headlines…

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    The show which was in news recently for kicking out ‘Mika Singh’ from their show because of his guest appearance in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ (TKSS) is again making headlines as the actress ‘Upasana Singh’ has stopped shooting for the show and doesn’t wish to go back to CNL.

  2. Actress herself confirming the news.

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    Reportedly, the actress confirmed the news herself and said, “Yes, I have quit CNL. I am not shooting for it since last two weeks and don’t wish to go back to CNL.”

    On being asked about the reason for quitting the show she replied, “I can’t divulge the details. I might address a press conference next week to talk about it. All I can say at the moment is that few things were not happening right and it will be sorted by Monday.”

  3. During the press conference!!

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    On Monday while addressing a press conference she put on certain allegations against CNL producers, that they were trying to trap her in a contract on which they both didn’t agreed upon earlier and also they had just paid her for two of the episodes and rest they were saying to pay when she will sign the contract which also have the condition that she cannot work for another comedy show and the makers of the show can anytime ask her to leave the show within 24 hours. The 22 year old Bua also said, because of all this she is quitting the show and it’s no more Comedy nights live, its Comedy nights dead and I was not enjoying any sort of work satisfaction while working for them. I will drag the producers to the court if they didn’t pay her the remaining amount.

  4. Will she work with Kapil again??


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    On question of working again with Kapil she concluded, “I have always had a good rapport with Kapil Sharma. I had an amazing time working with them. I became popular as Bua because on CNWK. My character on CNWK gave me work satisfaction. Now, I am in such a position that I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. I just want to do stuff that gave me work satisfaction. So, if something concrete and meaty is offered to me from Kapil’s side I will definitely do it. I don’t want to do a cameo just for the heck of it.”


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    Earlier, Upasana decided to stay with Colors when the entire cast of CNWK decided to do a show on Sony Entertainment. Hopefully she might be heading towards her reel family on Sony this time and we might get to see her working with Kapil again soon.