Nostalgia is a very powerful feeling. We grew up playing 8-bit games like Mario and Contra. They were simple to play, didn’t require any graphic card or memory, and even the installation of such games wasn’t required. They made our childhood entertaining. In fact, most of us will love to play them again if given a chance. Some of them which were high on entertainment quota were.

  1. Super Mario Bros

    super mario bros

    Image Source : http://cdn.wegotthiscovered.com/


    Highly appreciated 8-bit game which most of us have enjoyed. It just oozes with charm and unique elegance. It was fun sliding those ducks out of our way and killing those tiny frogs, just by jumping on them.

  2. Sonic The Hedgehog

    sonic the hedgehog

    Image Source : https://adrianongaming.files.wordpress.com/


    The “Temple Run” of that time, highly anticipated game with lots of levels, where “Sonic” needs to run and dash, to overcome the hurdles in its way.


    duck hunt

    Image Source : https://images.eurogamer.net/


    One of my favorite game because of its music, especially the music when dog teases you, in case you missed a shot at the duck.

  4. Contra


    Image Source : http://www.geekthenews.com/


    Typical mission game in its sense. With 30 lives around the corner, one thing you need to do is to take out the enemies. The one thing that made it special was the entry of its soldier, direct to the battlefield from the helicopter.

  5. Adventure Island

    adventure island

    Image Source : http://gamefabrique.com/


    This game was similar to “Mario” in many senses but, its weapon “The Hammer” its villains “The Snails”, made it look different from it.

  6. Road Fighter

    road fighter

    Image Source : https://usercontent2.hubstatic.com/


    The finest 8-bit car racing game with all elements of entertainment. Simply one cannot deny the experience they had, playing this game in their childhood.

  7. Street Fighter 2

    street fighter 2

    Image Source : http://bk.asia-city.com/


    The “Tekken” of 8-bit gaming. It bears a similar resemblance to that game, with the fight arranged in the same way.


    However, the graphics were, whatever the requirement was, whether we have to borrow the game or we have to visit a friend, who had it, we all wanted to play these games in our childhood in any case, such was its charm, and still many of us will love to have a go at it.